Lots in Jackson’s Grant – Northvale, Holliday Farms, Chatham Hills and More

E28 Holliday

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Jackson's Grant Northvale 318 - SPEC home for Sale
Chatham Hills K46, 20974 Chatham Ridge Blvd, Westfield SPEC home for sale

Chatham Hills i7, 20390 Chatham Hills Blvd Westfield
Chatham Hills The Village lots C01 (Model) C12-C16, C18-C20, C47
Holliday Farms L1 - MODEL Started
Holliday Farms L2
Holliday Farms L11
Holliday Farms P1
Holliday Day Farms S9
Holliday Farms S10
Promontory A1, C2, C12 and B14 (Home-A-Rama 2023- Looking for a family to work with!)
Holliday Farms S17 - SOLD
Holliday Farms R17 - SOLD
Holliday Farms K7 - SOLD
Chatham Hills E20 - SOLD
Holliday Farms K6 - SOLD
Holliday Farms Q7 - SOLD
Holliday Farms N9 - SOLD
Holliday Farms E33 - SOLD
Holliday Farms F1 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 321 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 323 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Westvale 288 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Westvale 302 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 306 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 308 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 312 - SOLD
Jackson's Grant Northvale 316 - SOLD
And more!
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